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This is My Favorite Object. | Super Nrmal

This is My Favorite Object.

There are not many things in design we find more interesting than conceptual furniture. Objet Préféré is a beautiful collection of 15 pieces created in collaboration “between young Fabrica designers and personnel—craftsmen, technicians, office staff—of the Grand-Hornu Images cultural center in Belgium.”

“As stated by Sam Baron, head of the Fabrica design department, ‘the main challenge of this project was to illustrate, by means of a unique and special exhibition, the beauty of the favourite objects of Grand-Hornu personnel. Design therefore becomes a way of uniting communities of people of different backgrounds, languages and ages.’”

The collection is aesthetically very tight, in addition to being gorgeous. We wonder if (we assume, actually) Baron or someone else provided some strong art direction to the young designers.

Not only were the pieces inspired by favorite objects or images at the Grand Hornu, they are being exhibited there as well. The setting is stunning.

—Via Domus

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