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This is a Pair of 10 Euro, Biodegradable Shoes. | Super Nrmal

This is a Pair of 10 Euro, Biodegradable Shoes.

Spanish company OneMoment has re-thought the shoe to invent fully biodegradable shoes that cost 10 Euro per pair.


According to OneMoment, both “the product and its production processes have been designed in a sustainable manner.”

The packaging for the shoes is also biodegradable, and OneMoment claims that 30 pairs of their shoes and packaging take up the same volume as one pair of traditional shoes and packaging. The packaging and shoe raw material comes from “vegetal origin polymers, fossil organic matter, natural fibre and recycled cardboard.”

One Moment claims that even the colorants, producing black, white, and four other vibrant colors, are biodegradable.

OneMoment also claims to have developed “extremely innovative production techniques, brought from other fields not related to the shoe industry.” They say the polymer injection process of molding the shoes is “carbo-compensated,” allowing them to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during production.

Though the inspiration for the design comes from indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon rain forest, who “painted their feet soles with natural latex,” obtained from Hevea trees, the Spanish company does make the shoes in Spain. Check out OneMoment to learn more.

—Via Co.Exist